dim light coffee machine

my coffee machine models here in a compositing practice. Hope you like it. C+c welcome.


Wow looks verry cool. But you have some noise , I think it’s because of your lighting.

Thanks. Yep, the big noise on the wall is intended, happened with a partially blocked area light and I liked the texture. But I had it also on the coffee machine, so to avoid this I set two render layers and alphaovered the blue machine but not the transparent jar…

A bit of texture on a wall is a good idea to be sure: most walls aren’t dead smooth. I’d get the noise out though because the noise is, to my eye, a bit big for a wall texture. Instead, you might try creating a noise texture in your favorite image editor and apply it under the color.

You’re right. i just did it to remember the few things i knew about compositing nodes, wich i will need to apply on future projects. Meanwhile, here’s another experiment, this one with toon edges, still got some things to figure out yet:



lol the toon edge one looks like done with markers. pretty sweet.

the first image is good as well just the scene isnt that great.
model and light however is great.

how did you set up your scene? what did u use to render?

The toon edge render is excellent. It looks like a magazine illustration. Nice work!

Really the first image is nice

hey, ty all for feedback!

@cekunhnen: its all blender internal. The first scene starts with an accident. I take the coffe machine model to a room scene and I set one big area lamp to the right, entering through a window, with a smaller fill area lamp to the left. I render and get that big noisy texture on the wall, because the window interferes too much light from the main area lamp. But i like it, except that the coffee machine is similarly noisy, all black spots mixing with the blue plastic material.

So i set another layer, copy the coffee machine and lights there, except the transparent jar, make the window opening bigger and get a decent lightning without the noise. I composited it as an alphaover with the first layer, and thats it.

The second scene is ok to me, except i dont still have much control over it. I dont still know why that banded horizontal structure appears in the back of the machine, and that black band on top of the filter shouldnt be black. Also it shows what i think are modelling flaws on the jar’s lid, like duplicated radius edges maybe, but overall its a good starting point for me. The colors i got making all the materials transparent, as you’d guess, except the switch

Nice Render and quite promising materials.
The Support board could have some detail, to me it looks like floating.