Dimensions and sample size relativity

Hi all. New to Blender here, 6 + months of exp. I have a video / animation I’m working on which will be rendered out frame by frame, in total there are 2,500 frames at 1920 x 1080. My question is, what is the ideal sample size for bouncing renders out at the aforementioned dimensions (1920 x 1080). Is there a general rule-of-thumb I should be aware of? I want the video to look sharp in the end, however I don’t want to wait several months for the render to bounce out. Any advice?

Many thanks :cool:

Rendering times should scale linearly with the number of pixels in the final image.

Also, the number of samples needed shouldn’t be affected because Cycles will deliver the same coverage of samples to an image regardless of the resolution (which is why it will take longer, it needs to deliver more samples with each pass).