dimensions and script

anyone have a valid site to download the
Caliper and BME script for measuring things in Blender
did the search and link not working

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all known scripts fyi http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Scripts/Catalog. see CAD category

Procad - BME no valid link

if you hafe one let me know


dude, you need to just like follow the links I gave you. ProCAD is right there, which leads back here to a very nice threadon ProCAD, and I just downloaded it and the latest doco in like five minutes…

that brought me to an italian site and when i tried to download
it did not work - Mind you i got this popup stopper on my internet browser to protect me

and it gives me a sound to warn me of that siutation

Is it where you where


correct, but in the world of the internet, you will get that. Keep reading the thread. On page 7 at the bottom you find that _22 is good.

OK i got something i’ll try tomorrow night hoppefully it is in english

you got anything on that BME Script
i had it 1 1/2 year ago but i scrapted my hardisk and lost a lot of things from Blender
and no back up of it but life is life - you keep going that’s all

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