Dimensions of all selected objects

Honestly during every design work I use millimeters, on the numbers without a comma

ok you want me to multiply meter X 1000 to get milli

where are you located kn CDN >


If you ask about the location of the script “View3D > Properties panel” (right) should be a good place :slight_smile:

what happen if it is in feet or bu unit ?


Very often I import into the blender sections of aluminum profiles, I wrote about them in the first post, some shapes have very small values so in this case, millimeters are the best.

but still what do I do if unit are in feet of bu ?

now it looks like the panel cannot detect a unit change in the scene !


Just when values ​​will be multiplied by 1000 it will be ok, and reduce to 2 decimal places

ok try this one with unit and formatted

modified script
remove most print to console

run script
enable it in ob sub panel select checkbox
select objects
click on the do calculations button at bottom of panel

scebedim3.blend (164 KB)


Yes. For me, it looks fantastic now :). I am very grateful for your time and patience.

here is pic for new panel

and not certain what you u mean with a shortkey
I mean the script ounce started it is always there
can you elaborate

here is version for 2.82

scenedimpanel28-7.blend (2.1 MB)

happy bl

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