Dimensions section gone in sidebar (N) panel

Downloaded new 2.8 beta version (dated 2019-05-07) and all object transform data, including dimensions are gone from sidebar panel. I only see Annotations, View, 3D Cursor and Collections sections there.

Is this a deliberate choice to not show transform data there anymore? Is it possible to bring it back, maybe it is just hidden?

I used the dimensions option a lot when doing some things and as it is not accessible in object properties panel, I can’t use dimensions at all anymore.

Thanks, didn’t have this side menu in the earlier version I used (I think…) and didn’t notice it at all.

Is it possible to have all these separate side menu items concatenated to one panel page? I’m using 4K screen and clicking to change them is a bit unnecessary if they could be all visible at once as they were before.

EDIT: just found how to keep them visible, by pinning in right click menu :slight_smile:

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They are still changing some things : Another good tutorial about workspaces for example if you have 2 or more monitors, this one is for 2.79 but you can do the same with 2.8

Shift & Left click for Pinning
Shift & left Click right top corner off the window to get a separate extra window for example render vie w or node editor etc…