Dimensions under Transform don't match object

An object’s Y axis is the longest part of the object and Y is shown along the green arrow just as the Y axis is supposed to. However the dimensions size in units under Transform Properties shows show the X dimension as the longest. The objects X axis size in units shows up in the Dimensions as Z…How do I fix this?

By default, the Transform Orientation is Global - and therefore the default Manipulator Widget points along the global axes. Hit Alt+Space > Local to see the Manipulator according to the object’s rotated coordinates.

To sync the two, hit Ctrl+a,s.

In general, if you want to spin a mesh but leave the local orientation as is, you will have to Ctrl+a,s or do the rotate while in Edit Mode.


That did it. Thank you. One mitigating circumstance I had was that the object had a Mirror Modified applied. I had the mirror modifier axis set to Z, and I set it to X after following your help and viola! all is back in sync.


Actually I should have put more caveats on the Apply Rotation thing. I am also glad you figured out that I meant Apply Rotation (Ctrl+a,r) even though I said Apply Scale (Ctrl+a,s).

But yes - Mirror Modifiers are a good example of when local rotations can be very helpful. Imagine trying to r,z,15 then Ctrl+a,r. The mirror axis would be askew completely.