Dimensions ?

Dear Friends,
I am a structural engineer, I want to use blender for solid modelling of projects.
Can anyone please tell me how to work with exact dimensions in blender.
Like how to make a beam of 12inch square.
Please help me.

thanks in advance

Select you object and press N for its properties. You can then type in exact numbers for its dimensions etc.
From the View / View Properties panel you can also change the grid so each large grid can be 12 x 12 if you are working in inches.


Blender is based on blender units. You just need to decide what scale your project is at i.e. one foot = 1 blender unit. Here is a tutorial for taking measurements:

The physics engine assumes 1 BU is 1 m, but other than that you are pretty much free to have 1 BU be whatever you want.