Dimitris, simply sculpting

A portrait of a friend, just sculpting.
Used sculptris mostly, zbrush and blender for the shirt, glasses, retopology, some final edits and rendering (cycles).


!!! Wow, it’s amazing. All I can say. No critiques whatsoever.

Excellent work! The word ‘amazing’ doesn’t say enough.

Really, the only critique there could be is that the glasses are missing their lenses.

Yes, very nice ! :slight_smile:

Thank you!
Eh, no lenses. It doesn’t work. I deleted them.
I have a version without hair sculpting, for painting and particles purpose. There, lenses will be fine.
And a real watercolor just for fun.


Love the watercolor! I think the sculpt would be more appealing if the eyes could be seen, windows of the soul and all that, but otherwise a solid piece of portraiture. The faux-stone finish is a good, but I think a cast-bronze material would complement the sculpting style better, reminds me much of Rodin. Got a fair one if you’d like to try it.

+1 for bronze, some green patination would be awesome.

Nice sculpt Michalis. I like the Material. It has a clay feel to it. Is the material a Blender material and care to give some idea how you made it?

Great stuff, the only thing I personally dislike is the sculpting of the hair/beared detail. It might be intentional, but compared with the watercolor it pulls it away from realism and makes it look like a greek bust. I like that look too though, and judging by his name, it´s intentional he looks like a greek bust :wink: I just think it´s a break in style, the modern shirt with the ancient greek hair. To me it feels akward, yet intresting.
On a sidenote, on the watercolor your friend looks like a highschool poetry teacher, while in the sculpt, with the hanging almost closed eyes, he looks a lot like Bud Spencer :smiley:

Nice stuff. I love that water color painting its really good.

You win the “Best sculptor at this forum” award.
(It’s not much, but now you have to make a tutorial.)

Thank you all, I really appreciate this.
I agree with your sugestions. A bronze nice material with some cavity_map based dirt is what I was thinking.
But cycles doesn’t share these ideas LOL. I had some crashes trying to compose more maps but I’ll figure out a different way.
It’s also a cycles test and I’m wondering. Is this a physically correct render engine? I noticed a lot of wrong shadows or indirect lighting. Settings on full quality as possible. r 40078 build.
I’m facing another problem. This is a ~3 k retopo cage subdivided up to 5M (the head). Cycles doesn’t support normal maps so trying to apply bumps on a 80k version didn’t work, now I’m using a ~300K + bumps. It’s too much. If cycles won’t support normal maps we’ll be in trouble.
This texture isn’t great, is to support bumpiness on a bronze like material.

My mom said she doesn’t like the stone texture, but then she changed her mind and said its very realistic…

great work!


@Guss thanks
More like dirty plaster to me. Stones need some refraction - SSS thing.
He’s a fisherman lol, not a very good one but great cooking. The shirt came from another project, funny mixing of styles. As I already mentioned, I have a version without hair-ancient like. Goes for particles and skin painting.

Nice sculpt and texture.

I think this is my fauvorite sculpt of yours. About render I think you could increase main light like 2x to make it ‘pop’ more, but it is matter of prefference I guess. 5* and gallery :wink:

That proofs how much one can give on appearances :slight_smile: Fisherman´s nice, would never have guessed.
I actually do like the ancient hair, but the shirt breaks the style. IMO it would work great in white marble or sandstone without the shirt and glasses. It´d make a very believable bust of a greek philosopher. The face and hair are perfect for it. :smiley:

Dimitris, just a few mins ago he was face to face with Medusa.
It explains everything, even the greek sculpting style on hair.
Deep thoughts like this, make the great artist :eyebrowlift2::p:eyebrowlift:

Love this one (as usually love your work in zbrush central). That watercolor is really nice!!

thank you V1k1ngo.
Another try with newer cycles build.
Still, I’m not sure if I like this renderer. Here I use a cube-room and three lights, no env hdr. Longer render times but still a little ‘dead’ GI and shadows. Cycles at extreme settings.
Will be possible for cycles to support normal maps? Bumps work good on a heavy mesh >300k (though better on 700 k)
Cycles reads the ‘render’ resolution of displacement panel, meaning, better import an already subdivided mesh.
Cycles is an alpha build. I know. But how can we really put it to tests?
Please, take a closer look on the casted by glasses shadow on nose. Weird isn’t it?