Dimitris, simply sculpting

Great job michalis!

i love the material and the render congratulation

That’s awesome! How do you sculpt hair? Is there such a brush?

I used sculptris for this one. The “crease” tool ± is excellent.
But it’s not the tool exactly. Hair in sculpting is a rather abstract almost cubistic construction. A trick that rather fools us that these are hair.
A visit to a museum full of antiquities can help a lot.

Really nice sculpt!

Question: How did you do the displacement in Cycles from Zbrush? I’ve tried to use displacement maps for the detail and I always get weird artifacts on the mesh.

Plus it doesnt render as true displacement, it looks more like a bump map.

That is Awesome!!

Figured it out

Theres a true displacement option in the object data section. it allows for bump mapping and true displacements in the mesh.

You have to check experimental in the cycles render setting before you can see it.


what a master piece.

Wow, this is just stunning. I’m feeling a lot of I.T.T right now…lol :slight_smile: (intent to touch, cought the reference?)
But I’m not sure what you are talking about with the weird shadows on the nose. I see a shadow from the close edge of the lense and a shadow from the top of the lense.

You have done a great job, it looks so realistic…
Μπράβο Μιχάλη, απίστευτη δουλειά, συγχαρητήρια!!!

Gia sou! (hello in Gr- assuming from your name your Gr), you said there is an unusual shadow cast from the glasses, ( the image looks great by the way, like it should be sitting next to Plato and Socrates!) the top of your glasses frames look like they extend out farther than the bottom. Could that be a concern or is it intentional? Also, in an actual sculpture the lenses would be missing, unless actual lenses were used.

Bottom line …
Great job, very realistic!

In my opinion the casted shadow on nose is normal and by the way this’s a pretty neat work :wink:

@Vascampius @savalia @fawdda
Thank you!
It’s an older thread, I didn’t know much about cycles. Now, it became my favorite render engine.
@savalia, indeed, I live in athens-greece. lol