Dimming of lamps and halos

Ok. I’m in the middle of doing an animation of the Dragon Balls I posted in the finished projects forum but to do so, I need the lamps (and the halos) to gradually dim and brighten again to simulate a glowing effect but I’m not quite sure how to go about doing this. Any tips?

To add some glow, you shoud use the compositing nodes. See here to have more informations.

if you select your lamps and open the IPO window, there you notice you can set key-frames for Energy and haloInt. I’m not sure how you set them directly from the lamp controls but you can place keyframes directly in the IPO window itself.

Use the drop down list at the bottom [next to where it says curve] and choose lamp.
left click Energy [up top right on vertical scale axis] and a little box will appear by it.
CNTRL-LEFT click in the graph to set keypoints.
press TAB to edit individual points.

Then do same for HaloInt.

To see both curves at the same time, LEFT click Energ and SHIFT-LEFT click HaInt

There may be an easier way but this is only way I’ve found to animate lamp features
Good luck :slight_smile: