Dimorphodon model

Started messing about with a Dimorphodon in Blender. Maybe try to get a 3D printed model out of this, it’s still at an early stage so I’ll have to see how it develops.

After a bit of fiddling I’ve swapped the placeholder claws with more refined (and more correct) forward facing digits I-III. More tweaks coming.

Been away from this for a while, managed to make some progress today.

Unified the mesh, wing membrane now has a thickness (which I’m sure is going to cause me issues later). Anatomically Pterosaurs are pretty weird, not sure I can get this working well, Trying to set up a mesh structure with regard to posing. Probably attempt something simpler next project.

The black grid (slightly under the model) represents 1m with 10cm divisions showing an animal with a length slightly under 1m and with a 1.3m wingspan (with wing straightened), cranium length is 20cm. Made a few tweaks to the flight membrane shape. The current thinking is that Dimorphodon was maybe a part-time flyer with short, broad wings, kind of like a pheasant or a grouse.

The once popular ‘Puffinodon’ concept is falling out of favour for various reasons (see Mark Witton’s blog). Rather than being a fish eater, it’s now thought that Dimorphodon was better adapted for hunting small terrestrial game such as lizards and insects.

Started adding some deformers for head, spine and limbs (one side). For the front limb I’ve put in the shoulder, upper and lower arm, wrist/hand and the 4 phalanges of the wing finger (digit IV), still need to add some bones for the grasping fingers (digits I-III) and the hindlimb toes.

It’s Saturday afternoon and I’ve got the house to myself for a few hours so I think I’ll beetle away on this and see how far I can progress with it.