Dim's 30 Second Camo!

Here is a VERY quick tutorial I made. Hopefully it helps. I chose pukish colors to deceive people into thinking I have no sense of design. :stuck_out_tongue: Or maybe I just have no sense of design. Anyways here it is. I’m sure everyone could make better camo than what’s in the demonstration.


Model I’ working on using this technique:


Gah! Photobucket scaled my image!

Edit: hosted with imageshack.

Man that’s awesome! Thanks a million! (BTW that model is pure awesome!)

Here are some colorschemes.


If you want I can add this to my website (the link), I am making a blender tut section.
just give me a 40x40 avatar and once my site is live yours will be amung the first :smiley:

or you can use the gimp’s camo script…

Can’t find the GIMP’s camo script…

Here’s my tag:


Never even heard of it lol.

Awesome! Well done!

Very nice! I may use this myself soon!


The blender file forge has image hosting poooooowwwweeeeerrrs.

Look at kirados States Tutorial… All the images are all hosted from the forge!

Nice tutorial though, its cool all the stuff you can do with gimp!


the gimp camo script stinks when compaired to dim’s tut!