How can I get the DimXYZ located in the Transform Properties window of an object? When I pass the mouse over the tooltip says “Manipulate the bounding box size”, but I cannot find anything related to that in the Python API documentation of the Object…

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You can get the bounding box coordinates by using the getBoundBox() method of Object. It gives the coordinates of the corners in vectors. Here is an example that prints all of the corners

import Blender

obj = Blender.Object.Get("ObjectName")
print obj.getBoundBox(1) # The 1 is to get local coordinates of the edges.

You will have to do some operations with the coordinates to get the size.

From the API:

Returns: list of 8 (x,y,z) float coordinate vectors (WRAPPED DATA)


I wish the API was not in a FRAMES based HTML system. You can never provide a direct link in a post like this.

Click on the word Object in the upper left hand frame window. Then click on the word OBject in the right hand window then browse the methods for the object.

Just click on no frames in the upper right.



I can’t believe I wasted a wish on that. (only two more left…)


Hummmm Im only trying to get the same value as DimX, DimY and DimZ in the “Transform Properties”…

How can I do that!?!? :frowning:

Did you try dergemkr’s code?
That’s it. You get a list of eight points in space. Each one of these is a point that forms the bounding box of the object.

So I guess you have to do a little math once you have points eh?

DimX,Y,Z is simply going to be the difference between the largest point and the smallest point for each coordinate set.