Diner Stool

Having been playing with cycles for a while, I thought I should do something properly :confused:

So here it is-a classic diner stool based on a photo I saw on flickr. Critiques welcome :slight_smile:

I think its a great start. Looks a little bit boring though, it would be nice if the scene contained more. You’ll also notice that the more complete a scene is the better it looks in cycles (especially for reflections.)

Thanks for the response:
You’re right, I’ll try and complete the scene-I thought the reflections looked a bit iffy :slight_smile:

Quick update-I’ve tried to make some improvements, rather grainy but I’ll do another one with more passes later :slight_smile:


looking good :slight_smile: are the cups in the background meant to be blurred or is that just the grainyness?

They’re actually tomato and mustard bottles :slight_smile: I should probably make that clearer:/

nice start, I’d suggest to put some neon light in the back, or maybe have a little window to make the scene more interesting, they all can still be blurred, but even such subtle changes will make it look much more realistic