Dinette WIP

Work in progress - still have to make some chairs, hanging lamp, and various doo-dads to put in the room. The greenish tint on the table top glass was achieved with the slightest touch of chauchy b - while giving the desired look to the material, it GREATLY increases render time. Noise in the render is due to it still being rendered - will clear out eventually.

Crits are definately welcome, as this is my first sun/sky scene, as well as first ever interior attempt.


Photo real, man. That looks so good, except for all the noise as you pointed out. I don’t particularly like your camera angle though. There’s too much blank wall at the top left. Try shifting the camera where its nearly level with the table, but still able to see the caustics on the wall over there, and point it so you can still see those doors, as I’m sure you’re proud of that bloom effect. I would be. Maybe even try a wider lens. Like maybe a 25mm lens would be able to wrap around this whole scene.

Good work, I’ll be following this til the end.

fix the noise and that will be really good!

agreed. already looks great.

Guys - the noise clears slowly as the renderer keeps rendering. The longer it renders, the less noise. This one is still rendering (Using Indigo as you can see from the watermark, but all unbiased render engines work in much the same fashion: Indigo, Fryrender, Maxwell, Luxrender).

The scene seems a little dark also, but that can be solved during post-pro with some tonemapping

Great lighting setup man- year ago I would never believe getting such a pic using Blender would be possible

Here is a small update - amazing what playing with the wall color and adding a couple more objects can do… Still more details to add and some tweaking of material… Constructive crits, as always, are most welcome.