Ding! Fries Are Done!

No clue if this was posted here before (haven’t bothered checking, either), but here goes!


can’t listen to that without the pictures!

http://www.people.cornell.edu/pages/slp29/bk.html (same site as the insanity test posted earlier)

Besides, this sort of thing is generally only used for conjecturing people’s future jobs by VK and friends.

After seeing it once, or twice, you really want to kill the 'tard who made it.

haha, that is so funny…not

it did make me laugh though…oh what pointless lives some people lead

I think I’ve seen it on Ebaumsworld or AlbinoBlacksheep

Is this supposed to be the theme tune to Airwolf?



Who the hell says I make fun of fast food workers?

It’s in the tune of “Ukranian Bell Carol.”

/me starts praying noone at his school sees it

Theres a group of retards that go around singing every stupid thing on the net months after the see it for the first time. It’s best not to feed them more.