Dining Out

Some finished work.
I hope you like it.

Awesome my favorite part is the stuff on the table how the light looks.
Could be me though, but it looks like there is a bright light right on middle of the tables, however the hanging lights are not directed or close to that.
Could you render a close up of the stuff on the table.
Anyway great job.


I’ll see if I can do a close up render of the table, but I am moving house so might be a week or so before I have my render server set up again. The light is supposed to be from a candle on the table, but you are right in that I faked it (just too much noise using the small light source surrounded by glass) so it doesn’t look quite right.

What can I say, artistic licence!

Very nice!! Great layout/composition and I can totally envision/imagine characters (human or otherwise:) being served here. It’s a good thing to set up that kind of atmosphere, without it so to speak…alas without further ado would like to call “… - customers!!”

(don’t worry about the table light)