Dining Room - Modern

Okai, so this is an hour or so of work. I am too fond of the chairs but I will see what to add. Be welcome to critique and give ideas!


I like the chairs too.
But strictly ergonomically, I think the seats are pushing you forward instead of letting you lean back.
That’s probably the heaviest glass table I have ever seen :]
Wouldn’t wanna lift that.

Does the table top have any kind of bevel to it? If not it would look cool if it did, or some other kind of edge treatment. Agreed, I would NOT want to lift that table, sell it with what ever home it was installed in :slight_smile: Looks good.

the question is, how did they get the table there in the first place?
Looks great!

Well most of the times, you cary it in pieces. :wink:

So then perhaps, make the glass top a sectional? Hmm…

An hour? That would have taken me like 15…

I like it, but as pointed out the back of the chair is tilted too far forward.

Yes but since the Yaf render took about 40 mins… %|

I should have been more specific, I meant 15 hours. I’m not exaggerating, either.