Dining Room

Hi blender community,
this is my first post and my first real try with blender. I am a Cinema 4D user/hobbyist but that does not stop me from beeing amazed by the things you can do in blender :cool:

I took an old C4D scene of mine, retextured it and rendered it with cycles. Not completely happy, but not to shabby for the first try, i hope.

Critics are welcome.

PS: Some textures are from poliigon.com, chairs from dimensiva.com.

And a night shot.

Hi there,
looks good, but i think there’s something off with the lighting. You’ve got shadows to the left and to the right. And the vase is casting shadows both ways.

Hi Sammy1973,

there is a window in front of the tabel and on the left there is a door to another room (with a light source).

Rendered a night shot.


@Sammy1973: There is a window in front of the table and a door to another room (with light) on the left side.