Dinner, for Three? (3840x2160)

This is a render I did prematurely awhile ago and redid it now. I lit up the right of the image to get better tonal range, upped the resolution (2x that of 1080p) and fixed some modelling errors. Let me know what you think and how it could be improved. :slight_smile:

as i look at this again there is something missing, but i cant place it. It feels like something is missing to make the render memorable. What is it?

hi Kyaustad, mmm… I think the only that not creible on this piece is the plate, for me looks flat, need some glossines and reflections, The keptchu on plate need the same also. The paper is cool, very convincent :yes:.

Other point I see the diner is finish, you can creasing and folding the straw, maybe add some the
Remains of food on cutlery. And some work on composition can help you a lot, a vignette for example.

well this is my point of view, I hope this can help a little, greetings!

All good points thank you for the feedback. it is helpful! I will try all this out and try and fix it. Thanks

Joseperez made some great points. I would add you should look at the proportions. The glasses, pitcher… salt shaker… Next time you are out to eat take a picture of what is left on your table before it is cleared?

ok thanks again! I will do that!

In addition to what was already said:
-Was that a dinner for three ? because there are 4 plates and 5 forks, no knives nor spoons.
-Aren’t ketchup, salt and pepper usually packed on a stand at a restaurant ?
-You could add a menu at the back or on the table, or something that would give a hint on what was the dinner.
-Is it me or does the table look disproportionate ? Right now it looks like a plan with randomly distributed plates, forks and glasses. Maybe decreasing the table’s width could get the opposing plates closer and look more like a restaurant table