Dinner in Industrial styled Kitchen (fixed)


(Shubol) #1

Rendered in Cycles using i7 4970 (4/8) - about 5 hours per frame, because scene need over 11GB for render - quile a lot for GTX 1070. Unfortunately, out of core render is still too buggy.

Yes, I’m not “optimalization guy” :smiley: Mankind developing machines for work, so let them working and don’t waste our time. Do you agree?

(SterlingRoth) #2

Jeepers, that’s a lot of memory for what appears to be a simple scene.

Looks nice, but damn, that is huge. How did you fill that much RAM?

(Bart Veldhuizen) #3

There seems to be an SSL problem on your site that’s causing your images not to show. I recommend you edit your post and upload them directly instead.

(Shubol) #4

My first idea was render it as 360° 6144x3072 resolution. So I used high res textures up to 6k. And I don’t count with so much props on the table in beginning. Was easy went to over 10GB :slight_smile:
I don’t abandon 360°render idea and I hope I will be able to render it soon with better HW and/or better optimized and debugged out of core and hybrid Cycles rendering.

(Shubol) #5

Thanks for notice. Interesting why it work for few days :smiley:

(Jason van Gumster) #6

Annnnd… #featured!

(sundialsvc4) #7

The modeling, detail, and general composition are all excellent, but the lighting needs serious help … and this could well be why it took so long to run.

The problem in my opinion is “classic Cycles.” The light seems to come from everywhere and from nowhere. There’s no drama to the light. Very few shadows. No differences in color. As you see, 90º edges such as the ceiling above the second lamp in image #1 virtually disappear: you had to paint that wall in image #2 but there is no distinction between wall and ceiling again in image #3.

I guess I come from an “old school” of film photography where scenes were carefully lit with light-boxes and strobes, and gels of various hues.

You might wish to experiment with a hybrid technique that has actually worked well for me – compositing renders of the same scene that were built using BI and Cycles.

(Herbert123) #8

How’s this?

(visualizer) #9

Me too have a Monster configuration with 32 GB RAM & 8 GB 1070 GTX with 4k 17" monitor laptop of ASUS ROG. Thats a VR supporting laptop & performed fantastic on VR mark on battery ( no supply on ) pl If you wish I can do the same scene rendering trial on my machine. Of course if you can share it!
Just want to test my so called mobile desktop’s performance !


(Kabir) #10

Hey I’m new to Blender can you tell me from where did you get all these textures. They all match up quite well. Thanks.

(castro.sgabriel) #11


(ad2014) #12

Very nice render, I’ve not had a good year with everything technology as a consumer none blender related, televisions, cookers, components share my woes