Dinner Meal Scene

This is a scene I made some time ago and I spent hours making. It looks pretty good but there are certainly things that need to be improved. Any suggestions?

I’m not a mod but you double posted this thread. Any mods out there please delete one. If you did this on purpose, this is considered to be non good internet etiquette. Please be careful about pressing the post button.

However, pretty good models. I would personally redo the wall texture though.

Yes, I’m sorry about the double post. As for the wall texture I will be redoing that.

Certainly, it is an interesting idea, and I think that what you have done so far is quite well-done. The next thing that I would do is to try to get the lighting to start pulling-its-weight for you. Experiment with different colored lights, considering where the light might be coming from if this were a real photograph and what sort of lighting it might be. (Afternoon sunlight? Winter? Summer?) Right now the scene seems to be over-exposed and lacking in detail … certainly, “no surprise there,” but this is why I think that getting the lighting squared-away should be the next object of your attention.

I edited the camera point slightly and put in a new sky backround. The main difference is that I rendered the scene in Indigo.

Way too much blue :wink:
The plates should probably be stacked closer together.
Modeling is good, but the scene lacks contrast or purpose.

I have to agree it has too much blue, and it looks way to clean. Pots are never that shiny and if they are they almost always have scratches or smudges. But a little tweaking and this good scene can be great! :smiley:

i agree with all of the above,
also your sky looks wrong… it is a sky as if you are looking up, but the camera is facing down.
also you can see there is no roof if you look at the reflection on the pot.