Dinner Time

Hello! I want to know what you guys think about my cat food scene, it’s my first attempt at something 100% photo-realistic:

Is there something I could add to improve the scene?
This was rendered in Cycles for a little over an hour and a half at 200 samples, you can watch the whole 7 hour journey in only 6 minutes here!:

I like it, I especially love the floor, that was very well done. However there are a few things I see that could use a bit of work. The cat food, at least to me, looks more like little graham crackers rather than cat food, the water looks to clear, a little difficult to distinguish the water from the bowl it self, also the base board looks to plain. Other than that, it looks really good.

Hello! Thank you for your feedback!
Maybe we are thinking of different cat foods, my cat food looks like this though: link
but yeah, I agree with the water and the base board, you can see at 5:10 in the video I tried putting some bubble around the walls of the water bowl, but they didn’t show up in the render still, would anyone know how to make underwater bubble materials? I just gave them glass with and IOR of 1.333 again. And the base board could use some slight wood normal texturing. I’ll be sure to keep these in mind next time, thanks!

Yes, sorry, seems I was thinking a different cat food, I was thinking of another one that was a thicker, as far as ratio sizing of your cat food, looks good, I think it would look more believable however if the graininess was some how added, if you look at your cat food, its not smooth, but bumpy. And in your render I dont get the same feeling.

Nossa…Meu deus a textura do piso fico perfeita, muito bem trabalhada…os outros materias ficarão excelentes tambem, mas foram as texturas do pisa e da ração e o materia de metal dos recepientes de comida e agua que me chamaram mas atenção por ficarem bem trabalhados…Parabens fico muito bom mesmo !!!