Dinning and Kitchen

Its been ages and ages since I’ve posted something here. I’m actually working on a project for a client, already given them a picture this is the second one.
I’m would really appreciate some critics, though I’m a bit stuck as the client has a clear view of what they want.
Modeled of course in Blender and rendered in octane which I’m learning.

I like the table and chairs - modeling and materials look good. It’s hard to judge kitchen materials, it’s too far from view.
Windows and walls look like without a depth. Maybe I’m seeing it wrong, but dimensions of windows are different.
I’m not sure, what that devices in the corner are, but it could be ovens maybe? If they are, isn’t placing them near the curtains against some safety rules?
I’m not commenting on different chairs and overall material difference between dining area and kitchen, it was probably your client’s idea.:slight_smile:

Thanks for the comment Lasse. The house is already in building process and yes the window size are different. Places of objects inside the house may change. The renders are made for decision taking so things might change.

Here is another view. The light is different received some critics about it already one like another dislike :slight_smile: :

I forgot to thank mano from blendswap for the fridge, and monomorph for the fruits in the ball.