Dino Enviroment

Hi guys,

I am modeling an environment for my dino and I thought about creating a cartonish jungle or something similar.
I know there is a lot of work to do but I want to show you my progress and get feedback. I really want to improve the scene. I made 2 preview renders with different grass colors.

Please see the attached images and let me know what you think.

Dino model:


I am totally noobish at Blender but my opinion is that you don’t really need such grass here. Just some bumpy surface with grass bushes here and there.
All but grass looks in the same style and Dino is very cute! Also green looks logical if it is Earth environment.
Nice work and it is way better than my own :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: Thank you for your advice. I’m doing a test with cracked ground, I’m going to update with images soon.

I disagree, the grass looks really good and I’d keep it that way. Maybe adding some displacement to the trees and adding a landscape would improve your scene. The dino skin seems way to reflective and gives the impression that it’s wet, maybe that’s the look you’re going for but if not I’d lower the reflectivity. Have you tried a green skin?

Good job overal, keep it up!

I love your work…
Really great designs…
yes, keep the grass.

I don’t think you need any help…but here are a few compositions ideas I had. I did a quick mockup since it’s easier to show than describe

The center tree…too centered.

Make the plants size have more difference.
I’d bring the far right one closer and make it bigger.

Bring the two rock forms together to form one silhouette between the leftmost tree and the center one.

Break up the grass…if you do, the breaks should just be a dark tone…no real detail.

Add some small rocks by the water…to suggest a watering spot of the local animals.

You should drop your creature in…even if it is a photoshop drop in…too hard to see how the environment is working without him.

Hi Tiago.M,

You’re right I need to tweak the dino`s skin. Right now I’m focused on the scene, also I need to start rigging him before I can put it all together.

I like your idea about a landscape. I was thinking about a volcano or rocky landscape :slight_smile: maybe I can draw it in photoshop.

Looks really nice :).

The grass looks really nice however the only argument against having it would be that… grass evolved 55 to 65 million years ago and most likely wasn’t there when dino’s roamed the earth! You should have a lot of ferns,snake grass and such.

Hi James_z,

Thank you for your feedback!. I tried to improve the grass, water and lighting, I moved some objects to get a better composition.

Hi Jasiek, Thank you! You have a good point and I never thought about that, maybe I could add some ferns.

like the layout…

the grass looks like it was just mowed. :slight_smile:

Your stupid…

Drop the flowers, make the grass taller, but trim it around the edge of the water :slight_smile: Make more rocks (not too many) and make some bigger :slight_smile: Oh and when I’m in the woods I often see weeds and such, pushed away by deer and rabbits, comb out little trails in your grass that lead to and from the water :slight_smile:

PS: I think your 2nd render looked GREAT!

Thank you Joey!
I made another render test, now with DoF and a basic landscape. I think It is getting better, what do you think?