Dino farts...

Folks, do NOT ever feed your dinosaurs beans! This will mess up the whole darn planet!


Although, if I could go back a few thousand years, I think that I may have been able to solve the problem. Although disposing of thousands of large inflated balloons might have proven to be a task, I am certain that we could have done it! Oh well, live and learn I guess… .

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Sadly, this is not even the craziest story regarding the climate.

There was an article that warned that our industrial activity will tip off an alien race that leads them to think we are a bad species and must be exterminated to save the other life on Earth, I’m not even joking on that one.:eek:

The dinosaur story is old. It first came up quite a few years back-- late 90’s maybe? Everything runs together after a while.

@ Ace Dragon,
I find your reply interesting.
First of all, I have only been able to touch three of the rubber coated walls, and that with a carom shot off of the toilet seat before I land on the rubber-coated floor and out of breath. I know, I know, that you have to touch all four walls and the ceiling while airborne before the door will open. Those are just the rules of the game though. (Hey check it out, 6D cells!) I have been practicing running around in tight circles to build up speed before I launch myself for another attempt. It might be more of a game of skill as opposed to brute force velocity I am thinking these days. I will try again after I quit sweating and catch my breath.

Your use of the word “alien” sort of intrigues me. It comes to mind that if indeed there are many species of life, far more advanced then we are, would we not then be “the aliens”? They may be thinking “Hey look at these guys, they can’t even talk yet”. Or, could it be, that we are just afraid of a species that may know things that we don’t and may just be being to try and teach us something or perhaps to learn from us as well?

I guess that it is all a matter of perspective.

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