Dino Ride (update)

I figured I could use one of these things in my sci fi world which is slowly fleshing out. He still needs a bunch of details but I think I am happy with the overall shape. C and C welcomed as always.

That’s really nice, but permit me to do some critic:
the fingers are too arcued, they don’t seem to have a contact with the ground;
the feet should be lightly oriented outward, and so also the hands;
the mouth rim can’t close this way, the edges of the upper and bottom mouth should have a contact;
even in crocodiles the nose is not a simple hole, it has some kind of border;
the eye should be more rounded.
Apart from these points, it’s really a nice model.


I think it’s a great model and because it’s in the wip I think you’re going to tweek the feet and the nostrils.
Nice going keep it up :wink:

You can use a verony texture for the scales. I think he is pretty good. Maybe making him evil looking.

thanks for the replies guys, here is it’s current state. env, i will definately do as you suggested and point the feet outward, but i’m leaving it this way for now to simplify rigging.

that one looks nice. just one point that jumps my eyes is the saddle diging into the hind legs. i would shorten it a bit. also he looks a bit unbalance (sidewards). what about ‘spreading’ the legs a bit alike that the feet are standing a bit wider apart? (ok, depends if your dino is heavy-weight or not)

It looks really nice, but I think its too narrow. There should be more distance between the legs, because that looks more natural IMO.