This is my first organic model, all others are car.

I model it based on that tutorial :

Please C&C. Note that I want to animate it.

Thank you.


Looks good. Just the way you have done the knee joint is probably not the best as just a corner right now. What I would do is spend some more time looking at it without thinking about subsurf so you can get rid of some of those funny edges and stuff. Nice and simple model right now though. Please texture it! :smiley:

You need to have more edgeloops (Ctrl+R) on the knees if you are going to animate it. At the moment it won’t bend properly and give you subsurf artifacts. It’s always good to have at least three edgeloops in the parts that are going to bend.
Same goes with the tail I’m not sure you have enough loops there to get nice bending.
In case of doubt give the fellow a simple rig and test it out.

Thanks for your comments.

Anthony : yes it will be texutred, but not now I want to finish the modeling first.

Added material and some mesh “tuning”. Dino material is from Blender Open Material Repository.

I need some help for the claw material.