Dinophant WIP

(LohnS) #1

ok just started this only about 10 min ago, but thought i’d put it up, what you guys think.

I’m not sure what it is, but i felt like doing a weird naimal, kind of like an elephant and a dino, loosly based on a tutorial i saw a while ago.

is not very good at organice modelling


(acasto) #2

While it’s in the begging, it looks like a good time and place to rig some armatures. It would be cool to see dinosaur muscle deformations.

Looks good…

(LohnS) #3

thanx acasto, i’ll also be updating it when i get more done, i just updated then =D

(BgDM) #4

WOW! Great start to this. Can’t wait to see more. Looks very promising.


(LohnS) #5

ok well i spent my whole evening: 5pm till 9pm going full throttle on it cause i was trying to get a near finished product before i went to bed so the idea was fresh in my mind. well anyway here tis




still many details to do, and still a lot of doubles i couldn’t be bothered getting rid of =P. post your thoughts 8)

(S68) #6

Really nice model!

Maybe legs (expecially front one) goes too straight (place your model in front view, and you’ll get what I’m saying.

True world animals often have pawns sligly closer than their shoulders.


(Goo) #7

Very Nice Modeling, especially for ten minutes of work. I’s have to say that there is something wrong with the legs. They’re too straight in the front view, and it seems to me like they should be bent a bit more in the side view. he muscles around the legs and on the neck look great though. It’ll look great in an environment.


(rixtr66) #8

nice modelling.10 min?


(jorx) #9

Awesome modeling! I love it. Especially how you got wrinkles in some of the joints. Maybe the eyes could be better, show maybe a little white if it’s looking forward.

(overextrude) #10

Excellent work - especially for the amount of time invested. I’d say, though, that the legs need a little more work…somehow they don’t appear “right.” Maybe they’re missing a joint (the front legs especially). Nice work though.

(Detritus) #11

GREAT! Reminds me of some animal that lived during the ice ages.

(acasto) #12

it really was 10 min, he e-mailed me, then about what to do, then 10 min later had this thing started…looks great :smiley: