Dinosaur and alien new models

(EnV) #1

Hi, I’m a newbie in elYsiun forum. Since a year I use Blender, so now I decided to post some of my work.



What do you think? Criticism and comments are welcome!
If you wish, you can visit my site.

(IMProvisar) #2

The alien is cool, but that dinosaur is awesome… superb texture job. The eye looks a bit odd though. For a second I was trying to find the other leg and arm, then realized the whole thing was only half, lol. Can’t wait to see it finished up and put in it’s natural habitat!


(EnV) #3

Thanks! I’ll try to finish the dinosaur (BTW, it’s an Allosaurus) as soon as possible and to do an animation test (I did one, in OpenGL, of a model of Casmosaurus: if you wish you can download it at my site).
I’ll try to improve the eyes, too.

(Krabat) #4

tz tz tz…an elysiun newbie doing pro 3d grafics! :smiley:
very good work, the texturing is awesom!


(noid) #5

Very nice. I look forward to seeing that dinosaur pic finished.

(sten) #6

WOW :o !!

One of the top best work I have even seen done by
a Blender User !!!

(luc) #7

How did u texture it?
With uv maps or wot ?

(MoreK) #8

Very nice modeling and texturing. Is that face in the gallery also with Blender? It looks very good too.

Anyone seen that BBC dinosaur series? It was broadcasted here in Finland some year ago. It’s great, all 3D models and animation. Very realistic. Your Allosaurus reminded of that…

(EnV) #9

The face in the gallery is Blender too, but need improvment.
The Allosaurus has been textured with planar proiection from the side, but only to do the test rendering; in the future I’ll use uv mapping (much better!).
And… I’m a newbie, not a pro.

(EnV) #10

I forgot: of course I’ve seen BBC “Walking with dinosaurs”. I studied it and tried to replicate.

(The Lurker) #11

Damn nice!

(Andy Goralczyk) #12

WOW! that’s nice, i really like your site. :smiley:

(EnV) #13

Thank you all!

(0ptikz) #14

Wow-Wow-Wow!! :o

Welcome to Blenderworld dude, your works are outstanding!

Is it me or is everyone around here getting Fu*kin’ amazing? :wink:

(EnV) #15

Thank you, [email protected]

(kaktuswasse) #16

Have you used any 3d-program before blender?
Your work is incredible!! The texturing is just… cant get a work for that…WOW

cya henrik

(EnV) #17

I tried 3d max 2.5 for some months, but Blender is BETTER!

(S68) #18

Excellent, both of them :slight_smile:


(EnV) #19

Thank you, Stefano. I have seen your gallery: very good works!

(blengine) #20

Is it me or is everyone around here getting Fu*kin’ amazing?

haha, your lotus picture sure proves that madcow…

env they are some awesome pics man! u did a wonderful job on both!

did u make the texture for the dinosaur?
great modeling jobs… great to see another organics modeler around :wink:

welcome aboard