Dinosaur Animation Test - Help

Hi all, I am working on a series of dinosaur animation (refer to my WIP post), and am having some trouble with my animation / render.

The youtube link is here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=drQTrpfUk9o

While working in blender, the walk-cycle continues as the camera pans (it is a repeated action of a single walk cycle); and as you can see, the eyes continue to move (which are parented to the armature). However, when I render the animation, the model freezes. What can I do to remedy this? I have tried exporting 3 times with different file formats, and it continues to pause the animation in the same place.

Also, any feedback on the animation in general? I’m new to blender so learning as I go!

You asked your question in the wrong animation thread.

Sorry, I am new to blender - which thread should I re-direct this too?

I don’t really have an answer for ya atm, but could you make the blend file available?

He was referring to the Animation and Rigging subforum. Check the curves editor and see if all the curves continue on or just stop.

Good job, overall. It could possibly use some side-to-side movement in its hips in order to keep his Center of Gravity above the planted foot. If he doesn’t shift his weight he’ll topple to the side when he lifts his foot off the ground. I’ve got a T-rex animation that shows this in the head-on view…

BTW, nice job of modeling and texturing, assuming it’s your work.

Steve S