Dinosaur Animation Work in Progress


Hey I am testing the rigging and skinning of this new character. Trying to improve lighting and rendering.



Here comes the crits.

Bone weighting is strange. The chest bends like paper at the stomach area which looks off.

Weight shifting is missing. The walking forward looks like he’s hovering. Keep body inertia in mind ( or often called secondary motion ) hence the body changes velocity with a certain “time lag”.

( personal opinion ). He should have a more upright stance. He’s got some Quasimodo look there right now. Can’t help but it looks rather odd the way it is right now

About the texture add some lighter colors to the belly and darker to the spine area. Breaks up the uniform look.

Now what goes for the mesh, how have you attached the limbs? There’s no smooth progress from the limb into the body ( right image: hip, shoulder ) right now.

Is it just me, or does the one with the blue background have a evil look on his face, the kind you have when you’ve just pulled a juvenile prank on someone, and are just waiting for it to go off…:evilgrin: (rather like mutley)

Ha ! You must watch the animation first. The blue frame is taken from a lighting scene !
Like that since the story will have a funny humor where the dino plays the evil character, it is not intended as a SCI-FI or video game character…


Please Blender community don’t get me wrong! I truly admire & respect critics from experienced artists.Even comments from ordinary spectator’s point of view. But in your case (OdJin)unfortunately your wording sounds like you have copied them from a book tutorial…! I could not find even a single piece of animation made by yourself in which you have applied your own concepts!..not even in your own website! Would you point me to one of your best work so I could learn from it? Please show me that I am wrong! Make my Dino stop laughing!


Now days curriculum is only history…what matters is showing your work, what you can do, and be open to improve it…


trying to delete this duplicated comment…

If you want to play “asshole” then you can go screw yourself. I’ve no time to talk with trolls. This forum is for feedback. If you don’t like them, don’t post here. As simple as it gets. And for the “retarded” ones: it’s one thing to “know” what is wrong and how to “do it”. If you lack the former, then the later has no chance of success. More there is not to be said to you ( and if you don’t get it, tough luck for you ).

Well it seems you have a short fuse…( typical of frustrated dreamers )…Sorry my friend but you have not enough material to support your wording (well… none material since the dragon side walk test looks more like a crappy and robotic joke…typical of a child beginner’s videotube posting.You can’t conquer the world with just bla…bla…bla,repeating what a book says without a clue of what it means or how to apply it!.. reality goes far from that, my apprentice fellow. Wake up! and get your hands on the keyboard and show us something…it is time no? Your website is also overwhelmed with bla…bla…no images…no art…no animations…no nothing! :no:

Your truly friend and adviser