Dinosaur Animation

Im planning a short live video with cg elements, basically just as a test. To see what can be done. It’s just gonna be a dinosaur stomping around, step on some people, something really basic just to demonstrate the concept.

The dinosaur is bascially finished. He’s all modeled minus some details [teeth, claws etc.] and the texture still needs more detail aswell. He’s weight painted/rigged and all that.

The animation is just showing some basic movements he can do, really short [with sound, although the sound is pretty bad atm :P]. Enjoy, and C&C please!


Good work so far. That’s a good looking model.

As far as the walking, you should put some texture on the “ground” so you can see the footsteps clearer. The feet seem to be slipping and will need to be adjusted. I’ve been working on some Mech animations and I’ve been tweakling the walk-cycles for a couple of weeks now. I’m just getting it to look good and it is definitely worth the work.

The animation looks pretty good. The hips should probably kind of “sink” or shake at each step as well. Emphasizing how heavy the dinosaur is. Especially as slow as it is walking. Maybe the hips should twist a little? I don’t know… just suggesting some small details. You seem to have the overall concept and the motions down pretty good.

Keep at it, it looks good. I’m sure it will look good when it is done.

Thanks for the crits. The hips really need some shaking, from what ive seen in dinosaur movies [jurassic park etc, and those discovery ones] the dino tips from side to side when he steps.

The feet slipping is hard to fix. Does the stride root work well? Im not sure how it to use it, but will learn.

I don’t know how well the stride root or stride path works. I’ve been working with keyframes and my brother wrote a python script for me that calculates the stride on my Mechs. I just type in the strating point and Python inserts all the keyframes.

From what I understand, the stride root and stride path are not that difficult to use and are supposed to reduce or eliminate the slipping and sliding in a good walk cycle.

There are some good threads and links that explain how it works all over the forums.

Sorry I couldn’t be more help with that.

Is it possible to provide a “real” link to the video file instead this crap page? This would allow also people with “real” computers to view it <.=.<

“real” computers? lol. I’ll upload the file to a proper host for you :P.

time ago i do a animation

was my second animation (in my life :slight_smile: ) and i want put de dinosaur in a real video … maybe you can search the link i cant do it… tytano nikko animation or something… bye

sorry my english

Here is the thread with nikko’s animation (it is an .avi hosted by “putfie” as well… sorry MAC users…) and it is a great animation:


High quality work.

This page requires a foul windumb plugin. The idea behind internet is “sharing” content not forcing bad plugins on users.

I really would like to check out this animation but on putfile it’s useless because unusable.