(Dinosaur Contest) Baryonyx

Since it’s just been Jubilee week here in the UK, I thought I’d do something patriotic, so for my entry to the Dinosaur Contest, I’ll be creating several British dinosaurs.

The obvious place to start is Baryonyx. Progress has been slow so far, but here’s what I’ve got (pre-sculpt and unfinished mesh etc. etc.):

I’m in a bit of a rush at the moment, but I’ll be posting more updates soon (or at least once the exams coming up are over).

I plan to also make such creatures as Cetiosaurus, Iguanodon and Eustreptospondylus, as well as a fish for our friend the Baryonyx to snack on. But that all depends on how much time I have.

Very good start. Clean mesh too.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Here’s an update, added a tongue, hands and feet. Also I’ve begun preliminary UV unwrapping before I apply the mirror modifier.

I probably won’t be able to get much more done this week unfortunately, History exams and about 6 weeks of art homework to catch up on aren’t a particularly good combination :eek:

Nw fully unwrapped, onto sculpting:

I like to work from the front to the back of the model when sculpting, moving between different resolutions, so at the moment there’s not much work done on the back legs/tail etc.

Ooh, that’s very cool. You’ll easily get a position in the Primeval VFX team, no question about it. Amazing sculpt. :slight_smile:

Good job developing skin and such so far. It’s nice to know you didn’t just increase the resolution and start putting an alpha bump on it :smiley:

I’ve been lurking, this is amazing work. Thanks for showing us your progress. Just curious, how many verts is it up to now?

Farmfield - Thanks hahaha! I’ll have to see if they’ve got a blender division :slight_smile:

Kris - Thanks! I personally think it’s best to use both a sculpt, normal map and bump map, that way you can get really high levels of detail without killing your computer in the process :smiley: Also, good luck with your creatures. Your raptor is particularly amazing :slight_smile:

Walshig - I’m on 1,578,498 verts for the highest res now, but I’ll be using the second highest res for render, with the current detail baked onto a normal map - my computer can’t handle rendering this many polys!

Wow, I’m not at all disappointed by the quality of this (or speed, for that matter). Good work man! Looks like I still have some high-poly modeling to get into.

Thanks Owldude! Keep up your good work too - I’m liking the way your new carnotaur is going!

Here’s a render with a matcap shader showing how the model’s going - I was quite surprised that my computer managed to render at full subdivision detail, but that’s without raytracing etc. so I’ll have to see how it goes.
Next is to finish detailling the legs - then I can get onto texturing!

Looking nice Benjee10 i like the spinosaurs a lot too :).

I hope can see more work ;).

Good luck

Thanks :smiley: I think everyone likes spinosaurs - they’re just so odd!

Did a test render with shadows, ambient occlusion and raytracing at full res to see how my computer copes - the good news is that it didn’t crash, the bad news is that it took over 7 minutes to render, which is fine for stills, but I just don’t have the time to be leaving my computer for days at a time to render an animation. This means I’ll be rendering at second-highest res (my 4th subdivision) and baking the normals, which usually renders at 2-3 minutes per frame for me, which is much more practical.

Anyway, the sculpt is pretty much done now, so I’m onto texturing!

EDIT: Baked the normals, which took a lot less time than I thought, and tried another render. Render time is now around the 4 minute mark, which is higher than I expected, but still manageable. Excuse the horrible colour and the plastic-y shader, I just slapped them on quickly to get a render done. I might add some more detail to the sculpt and re-bake the normals if I have time later.

EDIT AGAIN: Approximate gather for ambient occlusion has reduced the render time to about 3 1/2 minutes, which I’m happy with. Will start work on texturing later, once I’ve got more homework out of the way :slight_smile:

Looks good.

From the title, I was expecting a model of the Houses of Parliament. :stuck_out_tongue:

brilliant work looks like joining here was a great idea

one question though: Baryonyx was known for it’s long teeth for catching fish, your model seems a bit…toothless

Haha, yes, dinosaurs in the houses of parliament would be interesting to try…

Anyway, here’s some progress for the texture, just blocking it in at the moment. I’ll then bake it onto a different UV map at higher res and add all the little details…

Reasonably happy with how it’s turned out, could do with being a bit brighter though.

After texturing’s done I need to create a bump texture (for the individual scales) and a specularity map.

Slight progress with the texturing, also an improved normal map:

Sorry EastMoon, didn’t see your post haha!
Yes, I always the teeth as a separate object later, so they don’t get mixed up in the armature modifier and get stretched during animation :wink:
And thanks :slight_smile:

Look good even tought the feet and hands looks weak ( para mi gusto).

the legs looks some strange the muscles the tail looks delgada tambien .

I will work in my spino too :slight_smile:

good luck

Thanks :slight_smile:

I will resculpt the leg muscles - they do look weird - and see what I can do about hands & feet!
However, the tail is definitely right as it fits almost exactly with an accurate skeletal drawing.

i would like to see your sculpt like the first imagen you post in right side to see it better .

Looking pretty nice :slight_smile:

Here’s an orthographic view as requested:

Sorry bout the unfinished texturing, especially around the arms/legs. Hopefully get it sorted a bit more over the weekend, and then I can work on this properly next week once my exams are over!