Hello, I’m planning to make game character out of this drawing. I was just gonna start when I came up with a cool idea. What if everyone that reads this would try to model this creature, then when it’s finished post the result. That way we can pick the one that looks awesome, and then together come up with a story around the character.

And then if the story turns out good, maybe we could start making a game around this character. Much like the Spyro, Crash Bandicoot, Crock, Sonic games. Also it would be interesting to see how the different models turn out in the end. Because everyone got their own way and style of modelling. I’l start now, and I’l post the result when I’m finished.

And everyone that is gonna try to challenge me will be up for the hardest challenge in their entire life, cuz I’m good. And btw no stupid comments, I know there are lots of people out there that are trying to get a team together. And I think that this would be a fun and interesting way to start. If you got nothing interesting to say, you can leave now.

If you would like to join or if you got some questions, you can reply of course. The rules are simple, the game engine must be able to handle it, and it must have arms. Ok let’s start working!^^

Version 1

Version 2


You should know what you need to do if you want to have the best chance of getting a team put together, first off team members will have to know you’re capable of giving a big hand into the project, they won’t do the whole thing for you. Second, be very careful when asking people to start modeling stuff for you, they may consider you as someone who wants things done for you, in a team you’ll be responsible for doing a bit of work yourself as they will have incentive to work with you if you promise to share in the labor of making a large scale game.

The upside is that you will also share in the accomplishments down the road, and you’ll feel good because you’re one of the bigger contributors.

You are absolutely right Cyborg Dragon. I know that already, and I also know that in order to get people to join my team I need to show something to make them interested. I’m working on that right now, the game model.

My idea is that, if some of the people who are visiting this thread could make their own version of the dinosaur/cat above. We could in the end have a dozen of different cool models to choose from.

And then everyone that has made a model are already involved in the project. And has got their own ideas and stuff who this creature is. Then we can come together as a real team…yeah it’s bullshit, why would anyone start working on something before they know what I can do…>_>

I’l post the model soon…:spin:

Ok I have updated the first post, I’m satisfied with the second version. It only needs textures and a rig, then it’s ready to be used. Now please post some of your versions…if you are up for the challenge…I don’t think you can beat me hahaha…:evilgrin: