Dinosaur head sculpt: FiberMesh + Blender

Hello Folks.

Today I came across FiberMesh(right here on BA), a tool for designing freeform surfaces using 3D curves. The tool is a research prototype being developed by Takeo Igarashi and some others (University of Tokyo). I decided to give it a try and here are the results.

You can find the description at the link below



that looks realy interesting, do you draw the lines, which then get transformed into a mesh?

Yes. The mesh is reconstructed in real time after you draw a curve and also after operations like pull, change, erase etc.,

The manual that comes with the software has all the details.

Here is one more test that I did. (The link below has more images)

http://iluvblender.googlepages.com/fm_dinoa2_1.jpg/fm_dinoa2_1-medium.jpg http://iluvblender.googlepages.com/fm2bl_dinoa2_4.jpg/fm2bl_dinoa2_4-large.jpg


Hi, iluvblender; I got your private message. You’re very welcome! I’m very glad to see that you’ve made some good models with FiberMesh already! Takeo Igarashi is a really cool guy, and as I said before in my thread, there’s always going to be new technology out there, so keep practicing! I also highly recommend that you try throwing models back and forth between smooth-teddy and Blender to get really nice “re-optimized” meshes.

Fibermesh should be officially presented at this year’s Siggraph in case you’re going. The video for it should be up soon too, which usually shows off features that aren’t in the free & web-distributed versions of his software…

Also, there is a great sketch-based issue of IEEE Computer Graphics magazine that you should look for at your local college library…