dinosaur reference pics?

hi all,

i fancy having a go at modelling a dinosaur, not sure what type yet! I’m having trouble tracking down any reference pics on the net (really looking for front/side/top views)

Anyone know a good source for this type of thing?





http://www.wyomingpaleo.com/bw1.html :smiley:


Thanks! tips from the master himself!!!

Trying an “ornithomimus” for starters!

You are welcome. :smiley:
Ornithomimus? One of the less known dinosaurs (very little speciments)… what about a Gallimimus, instead? Anyway, good blend!


hehe! I guess the benefit is that if someone says “it looks wrong” I can say “how do YOU know?!?!”

edit: having now seen a gallimimus, and knowing what I know about my modelling skills, I should say it’s very unlikely you will be able to tell whether the final model is ornithomimus or gallimimus!!!

This link doesn’t work :frowning: .

go get ur digital camera and take some photo’s :wink:

try jurrasic park, lol

U could try the museum things as well

I found some good side reference images for a T-rex but not a single top of front view image. Do you know where the top and front view ones are if there are any?



See the website:
->Modelling Allosaurus fragilis
->Painting Allosaurus fragilis textures

Or there’s always images.google.com.

Might want to make use of the filter, because no matter what you search for there is porn.