Dinosaur rig (from WIP)

As posted in the WIP forum:

OK, here is version 1.0, about 1 MB in size. I don’t think texture UV map is included but don’t know how to add it on.I’ll look it up but it’s 1am now.

It’s at:

Any (constructive) criticism welcome.

Most FK on layer 1, IK targets on layer 3.

Softbody enabled on render, not on 3D view.

Claws controlled by FK or sliders at top (all at once by parent ‘fist’ slider)

If anyone is interested in trying out the rig, I would appreciate constructive crits on it, not the model. Is there anything which isn’t as usable as it should be, could be done better, controller missing etc?

Wow nice rig! Nice controllers, easy to figure out, etc.

I can’t see any pole vector controls for the IK bones. So if they aren’t there, that would
be my one and only crit. Maybe mancandy-style fingers would work better for the claws, but that hand GUI works just as well.

the claws are only 2 bones long so I didn’t go for the finger scale Rig

What are pole vector controls

you mean like elbow and knee controllers? I don’t think it needs them. The bending seems to be quite predictable.