Dinosaur Short Film: Queen of the Jurassic

Hi everyone,

so I originally got into CGI because of Jurassic Park and other dinosaur CGI films/documentaries in the 90s - I’m sure I’m hardly the only one. However, I never really made a finished “dinosaur thing”. I recently re-watched Walking with Dinosaurs and it sparked a need in me to finally make my childhood dreams come true. So I brushed off some dino models I bought for another project and got going.

It’s also a test for me how quickly I can get something “good looking” done with EEVEE. I’ve noticed a lot of artifacting I don’t know any workarounds for (flickering, bad DOF) and I know are being worked on for future releases. Probably could have made this look a lot better with a few more polygons and Cycles but that wasn’t the point. Quick render times were. :smiley:

Let me know what you think!



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Thanks! I appreciate that. :slight_smile:

i think its really well done, i liked it.
i was thinking, right after the voice “how long will her reign last”… i was kinda hoping for a quick glimps of a meteor in the sky at the very end there.

Thanks! That’s a cool idea, but although the film isn’t super scientifically accurate that would have stretched it too far for me. Allosaurus and Stegosaurus lived in the Jurassic which was many tens to more than a hundred million years before the asteroid hit. :smiley:

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