dinosaur texture problem

i have a problem i have these dinosaurs but when i load them and use the texture button and then image it wont load them and i cant post the blend file


Well, if the file is too big, get an account on mediafire and put it up there.

What type of image file are you using?

jpg but its a uv image and it wont let me load that

ok i have a media fire account and will be posting the link shortly

here is the link to both of them http://www.mediafire.com/?nadynk2mvyq

It’s probably because of the file size of the jpeg. MAN, that is large!

You should remove the doubles and join the triangles and run the mesh optimizer script to turn down the polycount. Did you make these? There are waaayyyy too many vertices.

Have you unwrapped the dinosaur and loaded the image into the uv editor in edit mode?

The problem seems to be with the image, not the size. I suggest you save it in a different format.