I was working on a T-Rex at one point, and never finished it. Was also working on a cartoon Cow, but never went past the head.

I decided to combine to two, and see what I’d Get…

[edit] Sorry about the misleading title. :smiley:

thats pretty cool looking…

what if the t-rex really did look that goofy?

that’d explain it’s extinction :smiley:

hey nice start! See you do have skills man…I told you

he looks sorta like a cow.
I like it!

hehe, that is pretty cool. Perhaps making the neck longer would be good. Can’t wait to see some textures on this bad boy.

we want update!!!

hope the next update has arms hehe :smiley:

He looks awesome dude! Good job. Are you going to give him arms?

ha! it’s a cowasaurus! he should star in a film called “jurasic farm” or something like that. i dig it.

Must be from the Cowtaceous period of evolution

Thanks for the comments!

I’ve decided to try Whale type wings…

It could now swim in the water… I think… lol

this is gonna be one crazy beast :stuck_out_tongue:

I have this crazy story in my head… And of course the story starts off with this “DinoCow” as a baby.
And this is what I have so far…

minor update…


omg this model is just hilarious. a movie with that guy i guessi really would go watching although usually a make a big step around modern animation movies. i just love the look on his face, totally cow like, good job.

Aw come on Calvin! A cow’s head on a dinosaur’s body is one thing - but flippers!?!?!! Now, that’s just silly :slight_smile:

Love the bub’s feet.

I guess this would be a monotreme - an egg-laying mammal?

I agree with Andy he shouldn’t have arms like that, but otherwise he looks great. The baby is so cute.

lol, that stuffs mad man, i love it :smiley: