Dinosaurs (with blend)

Yes, I’m starting another WIP, only this time I’m taking a break from my usual style and doing some organic modeling. After I wasn’t able to find any good free dinosaur models I did what I should have done a long time ago, I modeled my own. I started with a T. Rex and did the textures in the Gimp. The first one (the green one) didn’t look wonderful so I made a better one. Although tiring, it was quite fun so I started on a Stegosaurus which is still untextured. All these models will be available when I finish them.
p.s: Anyone know of a good free file host?


Nice beginning. There is though something wrong with the front claws of the middle t-rex. It looks like some heavy weight fell on his ankles. Maybe make it a bit more thinker?

I would also move his arms more under his body also…they kind of come out right now and it looks odd…otherwise looks good :)…what did you think of my trex head? i plan on making a whole body eventually but i want to get the head down first

I’m still waiting for the pic of yours to open. I can’t help the inaccuracies because I’m no great expert at dinos and the reference picture was a Jurassic Park T. Rex. Here’s an update on the Stegosaurus. I’ve still got some more painting to do.


It’s not too accurate but this one here comes close enough to what I think is what you want to model: Clicky

Thanks for the link, hopefully this will give me some inspiration for textures. Do you know where I can find any free low-poly dinosaurs like that?

For those of you who want it, http://www.turbosquid.com/FullPreview/Index.cfm/ID/367116. The Rex is now available. Feel free to modify it, just don’t repost the model anywhere.

Here’s an update on the Steg, and a new bump map for the T. Rex! If you download the Tyrannosaurus, replace the bump texture with this one but keep the tiling settings at 2x2. On the Stegosaurus, the scales on the main body look fine but I can’t get the ones on the head right, they’re too big.


Oops, something happened and the bump map got lost. Here it is. I also want your opinion on what my next dino should be, Brachiosaurus, Allosaurus, Dilophosaurus or some other one?


Well here’s something I did when I was bored. It still isn’t finished (notice the lack of fingers and teeth). C&C welcome.


I’ve decided to make an Eocursor, a newly named dinosaur that lived here in South Africa. But I want to do it differently, by making the skeleton, mscles and then skin using soft bodies or something to give it realistic movement. I saw this technique on Cgtalk and wanted to try it out.

I know I said I was making an Eocursor but the way the head was it looked like a Troodon, so I guess he went through some sort of species change.


evolution if you will :slight_smile:

lol, but great dinosaurs!!!

Thanks. Any crits?

If anyone’s interested, I’ve also made a low-poly Rex with animations.

Sorry about the long wait but I never seemed to get round to uploading the latest renderings. The diff and bump maps are not the final ones which I intend to make more of a yellowy color. I was experimenting with softbodies to see what would happen and the picture attached bellow is the result, pretty gruesome, huh? Is there a better way to do cloth simulation? Thanks.


The end of the month and the start of a new dinosaur, and I think this is the best of the lot. Unlike the T. Rex, this one isn’t inspired by the Jurassic Park one, this one is inspired by a painting of Todd Marshall’s. The arms still need a lot of work but I should have them done soon.


looks good…i am stuck on my rex…cant find any decent animations on how to animate things…i can animate but im finding it difficult to get the skeleton legs to work right

If you mean walking animation then I had the same problem. There are some dinosaur animations over on Cgtalk.com, and speaking of animating, I’m planning to animate the Spino.