Hi all. My latest works.

Modeling: Blender
Base sculpt: Blender
Sculpt: Zbrush
Retopo: Blender
Texturing: Blender, Zbrush
Retouch texture: Photoshop
Renderer: Blender internal

more images and info (italian) HERE

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Very good! Very well done!

I am very impressed! These are fantastic!

Excellent work all around. Thank you for sharing!

Thankyou all! :slight_smile:

Excellent work.!!!. More! more!more! :slight_smile:

GREAT! I’d love to see these animated. I hope it takes less than 140 million years to get to the gallery, they’ll be extinct by then.

well done! always good to see new work from you
these models look great, I really like how the skin folds in a dynamic pose like that
5 stars from me!

Excellent! Love it!

Those dinos jus made my day!

I wish to moving. :frowning: . but still excellent work! very good… :smiley:

Excellent work!

thankyou again :slight_smile:

I want to see those beasts moving too, but in my office no one use blender a part me :frowning: sad :frowning:

anyway the pose was done in blender with a simple armature system, very handy and quick :slight_smile:

Only one thing I would change would be to tone down the spec a hair other then that fantastic :smiley:

well done !!! MmAaXx :slight_smile:

Bravo Max!!!

Fantastic, They really have charm. What are they for, a computer game?

very great. Hope you rig them and put them in a scene, look perfect.

Nicely done :), makes me wish I could get more into sculpting.

thankyou guy!

The models have been made for PDtokyo, and probably they use those models for some applications os something, dunno :slight_smile:

A simple rig system is already done just for posing :wink:

thankyou again !