Dinosaurus WIP

This is a work in progress of my latest project.
It’s the first project where I am trying some sculpting and it’s also the first where I’m using substance painter to paint the textures.

Up next is some SSS and tweaking of the bump map and specular map.
After that I will rig it and create some poses and animations with it.


The proportions are a bit off. The hind legs should be larger, and the tail longer. Here are a couple of images…


Steve S

Thanks. I changed the mesh so it reflects the proportions better.
I made the tail and legs larger.
I also changed the neck a little bit because it didn’t look like a “natural” angle for a trex so I moved it slightly forward so I could get the typical trex look.

Meanwhile I also added the armature so I can start posing the dino.
I added the new dino with an applied pose to it.
I also added a render from the zero pose so you can easily compare with the previous version.
I somehow believe the body between the head and hips is slightly to long so I might decrease that as well.

Because I changed the mesh I have to redo some of the textures but I’ll do that later once I’m happy with everything.


The hip joint is still a bit off. It needs to be higher and near the spine.


Steve S


Nice work so far. The major thing for me is the length of the femur ,tibia and position of the hip joint. Not in the armature. But the mesh itself.

If you look at the reference image that Steve S posted you can see the large thigh muscle extends well up into the torso and widens out as it does so. The tibia looks longer in the reference, but I imagine that’s because the animal is walking on the ball of the foot/claw. That image might be a good indicator of how to approach the armature. You could set it as your background or import the image as a plane to use as a guide.

Don’t forget the eyelids.

Keep at it. :slight_smile: