Dipper - Return to Gravity Falls

8 years after closing the gate, Dipper receives a mysterious 4th book left by Ford. With book in hand and adventure on the horizon, Dipper returns to Gravity Falls to discover its secrets once again…

Created as an exercise in Shane Olson’s 3D Character Workshop. Inspired by the concept by Rachel (Instagram @rdlifewriter), created in ZBrush/Blender, textured with Substance Painter, and rendered in Blender with Cycles.

Created a fake entry similar to the style of the show. Beware the Gobble Stones!

Had some fun with the backpack patches and buttons. I figured Robbie grew up and opened a bakery in Gravity Falls. Muffins so good it’s an explosion of flavor in your mouth!
Patch material generated with the awesome Patches Generator substance by Bao Le.

Inspired by the talented concepts of Rachel (Instagram: rdlifewriter)

Thanks for looking!
Corey Kinard


I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Thanks for the feature, I really appreciate it! :smiley:

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You’re on the #featured row! :+1:


Thanks bartv! I really appreciate it!


So very good! :+1:


Looks like Dipper got some tattoos, and had a new anime look too, I love it! :heart_eyes:

Thanks! Had lots of fun working on him.

Haha, I really dug the concept by Rachel (Instagram: rdlifewriter) with his sleeve tattoo’s.