Direct control over 3D cursor


I wonder if anyone knows of a script which will allow me to directly control the position of the 3D cursor? At the moment I find myself having to extend a point to where I want the cursor and then move the 3D cursor to that position. It would be much easier if I could simply move the cursor by deltaX, deltaY and deltaZ. I know that I can use the properties dialog and move the cursor from there but when I want to add 0.134 to the current postion of 3.346 then I just run out of fingers :eek:. It would be much easier if I could simply say move by 0.134.

Any ideas / suggestions?

You can already do arithmetic in the numerical entry boxes, input +0.134 behind the 3.346 and hit enter.

Ahh, yes, that might work. I will give it a try.