Direct copy to system Clipboard from render window?

There’s a 2004 question/thread which asks this, but, the responses are lame:

  1. I only want the rendered image, not to have to crop a resulting screengrab in PShop/GIMP.
  2. I want it convenient, so not the user-interaction-heavy “screengrab a portion of the screen” available in W10.
  3. I don’t know what ‘psp’ is.

So, is there a way, preferably either an explicit button or a rclick menu, to directly copy the render window to the System clipboard?

That would be grand, and if not, it’s a good feature request.

You can try ShareX if there is no way to do that in Blender. You can manipulate the clipboard in Blender but I think that is just meant for the text stuff.