Direct Mirroring without Mirror Modifier


is there any way to mirror polygons without having to detach those polygons, mirror them, apply the modifier, merge the objects and weld double vertices?
i’d just like to mirror over a few polygons from one side to the other.

cheers christian

Edit mode, snap 3D cursor to where you want your mirror point to be (select, shift+S -> cursor to selected), pivot point to 3D cursor (period key), select what you want to mirror and duplicate (shift+D, esc/rmb to cancel transform), ctrl+M, axis to mirror. If there are vertices to merge, select all, W -> remove doubles.

Short version: shift+D to duplicate, CTRL+M to mirror and X to pick X axis.

ahh, great :slight_smile:
thanks guys!!

  1. select verts,
  2. mesh menu > symmetrize (axis from operator dialog).

I always get to the party after everyone’s gone home :frowning:

yeah, but still thanks :wink:
at least i know now where to find it in the menu :stuck_out_tongue: