direct x export


In the latest build, i read that X export with animation is now included. However when i use the x export to save my model, nothing shows when i load it into another program.

Can anyone help please




I found the direct x exporter for 2.41, and it anmates the mesh, and even some of the bones, but doesnt play the animation in mesh viewer

Why would this be?



whats the point in having a forum… if people dont post replies…

I have asked quite a few questions, and it seems to take days for any answers

Please… can someone be kind enough to help here


Probably because no-one else is using the tools you’re asking about, I know I’ve never used the DirectX Exporter so I can’t help. But if you post the .X file or the .blend (and maybe a link to the program you’re exporting to) then we could try and see if we can help.


It appears the exporter is broken. There have been many posts about this with no resolution. Sorry.