Direct X exporter (Latest version for 2.41) Issues

I am currently getting an issue with blender while attempting to export a .blend mesh to directx. A buddy of mine is trying to load it with the panda3d game engine, and it is making a rather interesting result instead of the smooth mesh I created. This could likely be very noobish of a question, but hey, I have to learn, and I am mostly through the noob to pro book, and have done quite a few tutorials (greybeard’s rock, his voice reminds me of that happy tree’s painter guy)

Essentially, I export this

And he gets this in engine

I tried a few other models, and with the same result. I downloaded the lastest python script with the export options from

Any good advice, tutorials, or instructions would be great. I will continue looking. Thanks

Looks like you need to apply the subsurf before exporting.